Fall in Love

Fall is quietly taking Paris, the leaves are turning red and brown, slowly leading the parks to their winter coats.

The twins run here and there looking for pumpkins and chestnuts, collecting yellow leaves to complete their school crafts.

While they were running, and just like I did with my previous post, I took pictures to show you another great fall look for boys, introducing a brand I just discovered : Tootsa Mcginty.

I already told you about how difficult it was to me finding the right clothes for my boys, -meaning clothes that are trendy and have a great design-, when I found it so easy for girls.

Well Mamas with Tootsa Mcginty everyone’s find its will : these clothes have designs wearable by boys or girls.

Regarding the twins, I choose these cute pants with the back fox detail, in mustard color (which is really trendy for boys this fall); paired with those knitted jumpers, which are so SO soft and so well made they suit exactly the age you choose (4/5 yo for the twins).

Every detail in each clothes the twins worn is so precious, like the little foxes on the pants, or the prints on the sweater : when you choose Tootsa Mcginty you surely feel people who designed these clothes did it with passion and were totally in a childhood state of mind.

Indeed, not only are these clothes made for CHILDREN and not boy or girl, but the collection colors we choose for the twins have colors and prints that make you able to mix and match different pieces and create lots of looks, and pretty cool looks as pictured.

For example for my twins I love a little vintage touch from times to times and I often choose clothes to make them look like they could play in Strangers things or Super 8, and when I saw Tootsamcginty clothes I totally felt that spirit.

Finally, I would add one more important point : this brand puts quality in its clothes ! The pics show looks with clothes that have been already washed TWICE, and came back as never worn, when trust me Mamas, the twins did not hold back on dirt haha!

I hope you appreciated these cute fall looks and fall in love with Tootsa Mcginty as we already did!

Till the next post 🙂

Xo Liza

19 commentaires

  1. Liz

    Great read! The print does seem something worth exploring. Thank you for sharing such a delightly and warmly delivered post. By the way, what font is this? It is so adorable!
    Warmest Regards,Scholars Garden


  2. Cia Black

    I’m in love with those pants and the little fox peeking out. My girls would love them. The colors you picked just scream jump in a pile leaves for camouflage. I’ve never heard of this brand but I will for sure be looking into them.


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