Routine Fraîcheur Hydratation

I am so undisciplined when it comes to my skin.

Actually, I would say even more : I’m the lasiest girl you may ever met regarding beauty routine.

Of course, thanks to my Mama, I have some pretty good genes that makes me have no wrinkle at all, even aged over 25.

Unfortunetely, there is something my skin may never keep : hydratation.

So, if there is one thing I do, especially in summer, its making sur my skin has enough hydratation, and when I mean enough, I mean A LOT.

I think I have one of the driest skin ever. I have a night and morning routine (scheduling is the key to my lasy ness haha), with great creams but still if I miss couple of days, especially after beach time, my skin comes back to a level of dryness that I hate.

I love a great soft glowing skin, like a baby.

Considering I NEVER put fondation (I will write a post about it ;)), I love having that perfect baby face glowing skin that I finish with some cute strawberry blush on cheeks.

So, lets get back to my summer routine (one of them ;)), the whole Dior Hydralife skincare.

First of all, I LOVE the new packaging, the new line, younger, fresher, trendy-er.

I always loved the Hydralife products, but I got rid of the texture that I found a bit too heavy on my skin, plus the product was never really all into my skin, so I finally gave up on it.

Non of the less, to me the serum had exactly the same effect that the cream so totally Dior-un usefull;

So yes to the new packaging and to the new development :

The main cream is less heavier, less perfumed (Dior beauty products are always way too perfumed) and has some complementary products such as :

The pink clay mask;

The fresh jelly mask;

The extra plump mask.

All three have great textures and perfumes.

The pink clay mask is by far my fav as its effect are amazing : I guaranty you your face will look like you had a vampire mask, its AMAZING.

The fresh jelly mask is not properly a mask as it does not hold on your skin like a true mask, I found it more like a face scrub, a good fresh one that leaves your skin peachy, which I Love.

The extra plump mask is not really for skins like mine but more for those of you that need a small lift up, I did it twice and really felt like my skin was pulped more.

Do I put them all the time on my skin ?

Nope. Everyday I put the cream sorbet after on a perfect clean skin.

At night, I put the serum, the new serum that really has the texture of a serum, very light and liquide, very fresh and an instant absorption.

Once a week, I do a fresh jelly mask, always the same day, and same time, in the morning.

Once every two weeks, I pair it with the pink clay mask, same day, same time.

Once a every three weeks, I add the extra plump mask to this routine.

It really help my skin keeping its hydratation level and also the eventual tan I get from my summer vacation.

Hope you find all this little tips usefull, feel free to leave you mine in comments 🙂

Xo Liza

41 commentaires

  1. amy

    I was so super undisciplined with my skin as a girl and young mom. I wish I would have taken way better of it earlier! at least now i have a do-able routine; i’m super low-maintenance with skin/hair and don’t have much patience for it 🙂 Most days, i’m in workout wear and ponytail. Anyways, these products look super fun!


  2. Heather

    I am also so lazy when it comes to my skin! I am the worst! I need fast, easy, and powerful products. I love the whole Dior Hydralife skincare line that you shared! The jelly mask sounds amazing. I can’t wait to find and try these products!


  3. Fabiola

    OMG! This article rings so close to home. I recently found out I have oily dehydrated skin, (I know, wth) so I have been buying "hydration" products everywhere! Thank you for sharing and can’t wait to go check these out!


  4. Joanna

    Keeping your skin hydrated is so important, especially in summer when the sun dries it ever more. I like this range from dior, it sounds like a great way to maintain your skin’s elasticity and beauty during the hot months.


    1. Liza Perry

      Thank you so much! I wanted to give back in pics the products freshness 😉 aT LEAST when we’re not organized enough we still can invest in great product to have a massive effect 🙂 xL


    1. Liza Perry

      Definetely. Im always admirative of the asian woman beauty routine. Did you know that Dior created a jelly sleeping mask that is totally (and magical by the way) inspired by the asians sleeping masks ? xl


  5. Ali Rost

    I haven’t heard of Dior before, but they sound like such wonderful products. I tell you what, between the pool and the garden, my skin is definitely in need of some extra TLC. I’d especially love to try the Pink clay mask and will be keeping an eye out for these! x


  6. k

    haha! I am horrible about keeping a beauty routine too. But moisturizing your skin is so important! Especially as you age. You are still young though so starting now is perfect! And thanks for the reminder – i’ll go wash my face now. LOL


  7. Elizabeth O

    this dior product looks like a dessert for a lovely and interesting product..we’re really needing this to nourish and keep our skin hydrated..especially when we’re expose under the sunlight.


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