#Way Twocute

Hello friends!

We’re back today just before our summer holidays for another fashion shoot with the Twins.

This time, we’re featuring Twocute Paris, a young French brand made by twins, for twins but not only.

How we met

Another instagram story! We met Charlotte and Christophe after a casting call they hosted on IG to find twins that were willing to take part of their adventure : cute clothes made by two twins for others twins with twining designs, but not look alike, more matching.

For exemple, Roman and Andréa are wearing matching shirts saying « my moon croissant » and « my ray of sun », same but different as Twocute designers would say 😉

We also love their « cheeky twin » and « shiny twin » pair, as their cute leggings recalling their moon and sun blue/yellow signature design.

Why we love Twocute

First and for most, the Twins Designers! Charlotte and Christophe (Cha & Chris) are really cool people and when I see their bond and matching personalities It reminds me my twins ^^

Second, the LOVE : the twins designers are the brother and sister of another twins pair PLUS another sibling, all raised by one cool supportive pretty supermom who they call Koala Mum for her Aussie blood 🙂

This love expands through their friends : did you see all the twins siblings on their IG feed ? Yes they also have twins friends 🙂

BUT not only!

Twins’ Moms and Dads can find cool shirts for themselves and even twins siblings or just friends!

Check their website here.

What the Fashion Mom thinks

  • Cool chic parisian designs with specific fabrics and pretty details such as yellow and blue wire on buttons;
  • 100% cotton (you feel it when you hold the clothes), produced ethically in Portugal;
  • Clothes from 0 to 6;
  • Embroided sentences made by their Mom’ and Dads’ own hands;

I totally recommend Twocute Paris and can’t wait for their winter collection!

What about you? Are you #waytwocute ?

Xo Liza

Hello vous!

Nous sommes de retour aujourd’hui juste avant nos vacances d’été pour un autre moment mode avec les jumeaux.

Cette fois, nous sommes en Twocute Paris, une jeune marque française faite par des jumeaux, pour les jumeaux mais pas seulement.

Comment nous nous sommes rencontrés

Encore une histoire d’instagram! Nous avons rencontré Charlotte et Christophe après un casting qu’ils organisaient sur IG pour les jumeaux qui étaient prêts à participer à leur aventure: des vêtements mignons faits par deux jumeaux pour d’autres jumeaux avec des motifs doux, mais pas semblable, plus une histoire de complémentarité.

Par exemple, Roman et Andréa portent des t-shirts petite lune et petit soleil (mes favoris), identiques mais différents, comme le disent les designers Twocute;)

Nous aimons aussi leurs t-shirts «cheeky twin» et «shiny twin», et bien entendu leurs leggings qui reprennent leur thème signature petite lune et petit soleil.

Pourquoi nous aimons Twocute

Tout d’abord pour les Twins Designers! Charlotte et Christophe (Cha & Chris) sont des personnes vraiment cool et quand je vois leur relation si particulière, cela me rappelle mes jumeaux ^^

Deuxièmement, l’AMOUR: les créateurs jumeaux sont le frère et la soeur d’une autre paire de jumeaux PLUS un autre frère, tous élevés par une supermaman super sympathique qu’ils appellent Koala Mum pour son sang australien 🙂

Cet amour se retrouve au à travers leurs amis: avez-vous vu tous les frères et sœurs jumeaux sur leur flux IG? Oui, ils ont aussi des amis jumeaux 🙂

Mais pas seulement bien entendu 🙂

Les mamans et les papas de jumeaux peuvent également trouver des t-shirts pour eux-mêmes et même des frères et soeurs de jumeaux ou simplement des amis!

Consultez leur site Web ici 🙂

Ce que la Fashion Mom pense

  • Des dessins parisiens chic et frais avec des designs étudiés et de beaux détails tels que le fil jaune et bleu sur les boutons;
  • 100% coton (vous le sentez lorsque vous tenez les vêtements);
  • Des vêtements de 0 à 6 ans;
  • Des phrases brodées correspondantes aux écritures de leur maman et de leur papa;

En bref je recommande absolument Twocute Paris et j’ai hâte de découvrir leur collection d’hiver!

Et vous? Êtes-vous #waytwocute?

Xo Liza

30 commentaires

  1. Laura Dove

    Ohhh these two are way too cute!! I love twinning, my girls twin all the time and they love it! I dread the day they no longer want to! those leggings are just gorgeous!


  2. Jennifer Sterbenz

    I love this! Now you can dress your twins similarly without getting them confused haha. But more seriously, it’s a nice unique idea that’s adorable for little kids.


    1. Liza Perry

      hahaha yes! in fact I used to dress them exactly the same when they were babies, now I love changing the color and when I Found two cute I thought cool! same but different ^^


  3. Alison Rost

    Everything about Too Cute is .. (you guessed it) .. too cute! What a fun story behind their brand. Made by twins for twins. I checked out (and followed) their Instagram feed as well. Fun to discover a new brand with a great story!


  4. Adea Ademi

    what an utterly cute pair of twins! I also liked the collection and the whole idea behind them, especially because it’s made by the twins’ own parents which means they put a lot of care and thought in it.


    1. Liza Perry

      Thank you !Yes they have shirts where its written "Dad of twins" or "mum of twins" and its their father and mother personal handwriting that has been embroided 🙂 Loved the idea xo


  5. Maro Akamatra

    Awww these are so cute! And the photos are awesome. It’s a bit bittersweet for me since my daughter’s twin didn’t make it past 12 weeks in utero and I always envy twin moms 🙂


  6. Divyanka Krsna

    Wow! I have never heard something made especially for twins by twins! Also, the specific things are available for twins’ parents. Great idea and absolutely adorable twins!


  7. Nicole Anderson

    Oh my goodness, how fabulous is this post! I just love the Two Cute Paris outfits for twins. They have certainly lived up to their name of being cute! The twins just look so adorable in these outfits.


  8. Our Lives With Bella

    That is super cute that they make clothes especially for twins! Never heard of any other company doing that, but i like the concept. The twins boys are super adorable and so are the clothing!


  9. Jade Amelia Alice Braham

    This is a great post! Being a twin myself I can understand what it’s like shopping and getting clothes for the both of us! I think these matching and half matching outfits are adorable and unique. However, my sister and I would never have worn them. we prefer to look individual and unique – every time we look the same there are arguments about whose copied who 😛 but I really do like these designs!


    1. Liza Perry

      Thank you for your comment Jade!So cool to have a twin point of you. when my twins were babies, I often dressed them the same and now, as they grow, I had a period with same outfit different colors and now they pick their own clothes so its totally different :))They now want to look unique and Im really happy about it!xo liza


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