True Tutors Early Years Toolkit EBook Review

Hi all!

Hope early summer and its sweet weather finds you fine with your little ones!

I believe you’re all already on holiday when in France school ends on July 8th, but fortunately kids are not « working hard » until this date, just enjoying sun, friends and outside activities.

If you’re following us for quite a bit right now, you know I’m a big fan of alternative learnings and pedagogies such as Montessori, Steiner-Waldorf, and all these little everyday activities that helps our kids not only to learn, to progress, but also building their self confidence being able to perform activities of their age, when school becomes more competitive everyday.

Knowing this, I have been given the opportunity to try True Tutors Early Years Toolkit Ebook (reception year), by its creator, teacher herself, Olivia Key.

This ebook is pretty complete : 83 pages organized around themed such as :

•    letters (forming, alphabetical ordering, …);

•    phonics (my favorite activity yet with the twins, the ebook contains different levels which is really nice to see progress);

•    literacy assessment (with great explanations that gives you the opportunity to know where to start basing on your child abilities);

•    numbers and mathematics;

•    patterns;

•    2D and 3D shapes…

We have not done everything yet with the twins but our favorites were the mathematics sheets, coloring 2D shapes, and of course creating their own patterns.

Regarding the mathematics, they practiced the number formation (that reminded them the Montessori one, drawing the number with their fingers), and really enjoyed (as I did), all the amount activities such as more/less or full/empty (with box of sweets how clever haha) and a pretty cute penguin exercice that easily and visually introduced them to subtractions.

Of course Im not showing you all the sheets Im talking about because they are two many great ones but for example, Im sure you’ll find the shapes ones very interesting :

The Twins even took their own 3D shapes to put them on the right ones (not always matching the color but who cares).

In addition to all these great exercices, you’ll find « home extras » like cute designed (with bright colors) cards to fulfill a home timetable, and (my favorite item since the beginning) : well done cards to give to your kids when they finish their exercices.

Ending this review, I would totally recommend it, not only for its content, but also for its price (£14.99), and the fact that lots of activities can be performed on iPads with kids.

If you purchase it, you will definitely recognize yourself as the parent asking your kids’ teacher great and fun activities for them to be prepared to their reception year before and through it which totally provides the ebook.

My twins stayed focused every time we started Olivia Kay Early Years Toolkit Ebook and I will totally recommend it to any parent willing their kids to prepare or continue their progress throughout their reception year.

Stop searching the internet, get Olivia Key True Tutors Early Years Toolkit Ebook.

Xo Liza

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    1. Olivia True Tutors

      Liza’s photos are amazing aren’t they? Really captured the concept of the eBook & wonderful to see her twins having fun whilst learning too. Thank you for your lovely comment about my eBook!


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