Mermaid Summer Beauty Tips

Hi Blue Birds!

When summer arrives, I always changed my #beauty routine, as weather gets hotter, my skin needs to be hydrated more.

Plus, coming from south of France, I have a true love for ocean, and mermaids, so usually you will see me wearing blue, from outfit to accessories such as bags and earrings, and so does my make-up.

Focusing on beauty tips, I really wanted to tell you about my Dior summer routine, from hydratation to preparation (before makeup) and cleaning.

So, my #mermaid beauty routine (all Dior products) :

Hydralife Serum every morning

Dior Capture Dream Skin creator

Stopping by right here, I REALLY and HIGHLY recommend you Dior Capture DREAM SKIN creator : it REALLY REALLY works, I mean, after putting it on your skin, it is unbelievable how your skin is just perfect, ready for make up, or you can even go nude!

Once a week, I put (at night) the Dior Jelly Mask. What is crazy about this one is that you dont have to put it off, it just goes with the flow ! Be prepared to feel like you slept  TEN HOURS the day after !

Meanwhile, -but at least twice a week-, I clean my skin with Dior Instant Gentle Exfolient, and Dior Purifaying Foaming Cleanser.

When my skin is really really dry, I use Dior rehydrating Mask.

I garantee you this #post was not sponsored, it is just that having test many many many skin products, I found heaven in the Dior Gamme, that I highly recommend you for summer.

Blue Love


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